Tuna Salad with Homemade Mayo #Whole30 Lunch

This uses the Mayonnaise recipe from yesterday’s post to make some simple tuna salad. This is a Whole30 compliant, Paleo and Gluten Free lunch option.
Nothing terribly fussy. A fast lunch that takes just a little planning ahead.

Remember this is about getting in some real whole foods. But at the same time making sure it’s simple. If it’s too complicated it’s harder to stick with the program.
Get your groceries. Boil some eggs. Make your mayo.
Go here for the Mayo Recipe

This is easy!


2 eggs, boiled, peeled and chopped
2 cans Tuna, canned, wild caught
1/4 fresh avocado, diced
kosher salt and pepper if needed
4 leaves Romaine Lettuce
Mix all of the above, except for the Romaine Lettuce. Serve in lettuce leaves with a side of fresh vegetables and fruit of your choice.


Kid Option


I don’t have a picture of what we did for our 12 year old. He doesn’t like Tuna too much. So we went with a straight egg salad.
2 eggs, boiled, chopped
2 leaves Romaine Lettuce
Mix egg and mayo, serve on lettuce boats.
Fresh vegetables, such as sugar snap peas and carrots, fresh fruit and raw nuts.
The homemade mayo has quite a bit of flavor so adding extra salt or other flavors wasn’t really necessary. Add any herbs and spices that seem good to you.
Helpful Tips
When you start eliminating things out of your diet, you might find yourself in a bind when you get hungry. Try carrying little snack size sandwich bags with some raw nuts. If you have access to some unsweetened dried fruit, that’s great to add in there as well.
I like to have plenty of raw nuts, fruits and fresh vegetables ready to go.
But it’s also a good idea to go ahead and boil a few extra eggs. The protein is going to fill you up and they’re a darn near perfect food. Just maybe don’t take them back to your office and peel them. That is usually frowned upon. My 3rd grade teacher used to do that in class. It took me a while to ever want a boiled egg. She was sort of a version of Mama from Throw Mama from the Train. In fact when I first saw that movie…I thought it was her for a second. Third grade was not my best year.
What a nightmare that was.Things I listened to this week

I ran across a podcast the other day called The Hey Eleanor Podcast. It’s all about  how she challenges herself to do something each day that she’s scared of doing each day, based on the famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, “Do one thing that scares you every day.” It doesn’t have to be huge. Maybe it’s talking to someone in line at the grocery store.
Sadly for the human race, this does not frighten me!
But I like trying new things. Especially things that make me a little afraid. Adrenaline junky? Maybe. Just look at the Action Hero holding my hand in the picture above. That’s kind of how we try to live. Running through the challenges of life holding hands. It’s a beautiful adventure.
You know what else is a beautiful thing. Naps. Naps are a beautiful thing. Luke the Goldendoodle loves them.
But I’m starting to think that he needs a Life Alert button or a girlfriend.

Have a Terrific Tuesday! Maybe take a nap after you do that one that for the day that scares you.

Here’s our workout for the day.
Bender Fitness Full Body Sculpt and Sweat 1 round
5 Minute Body Weight Challenge 1 round
Make sure you add a warm up and cool down stretch.
Dinner was pan seared, wild caught, sockeye salmon (purchased at Target) with a dollop of homemade mayo, a squeeze of lemon, lime and orange juice with chopped almonds on top. Roasted sweet potato, and steamed fresh broccoli. We will get to that tomorrow.